Morning Routine

A slightly brilliant and free alarm clock for android phones

I have big problems waking up when using regular alarm clocks.
I have made a program for android to solve that. It uses barcodes which you have to scan in order to turn of the alarm.
Here is a description of how to get the barcodes you need:

first go to this site,
select the contents to be text

For the first barcode that you want to scan in the morning, write 1:h:m ,
where you replace h and m with how many hours and minutes you want the alarm to be quiet for.

For the next code in your morning routine, write 2:h:m, again replacing h and m.
You can have as many, or as few bar codes as you want, but they must always be scanned in a sequence.

For the last barcode which switches off the alarm, simply write "last", into the bar code generator (without the quotes).
print these barcodes, hang them up where there's decent amount of light, and give it a go!

Oh and a little dependancy.

This program uses the barcode scanning functionality of zxing.
This app has to be installed before using morning routine. Just search for "barcode scanner" on android market, and you'll find it.


*It crashes. GRR. GRRR.. GRRR..
That is not my intention, please send email with description, I will try to fix

*I use it with Smart Alarm Clock, but it starts Morning Routine if I cancell the Smart Alarm Clock Alarm
Might have a fix for that soon if many people demand it

*I chose strict mode, now It's just stuck in an alarm loop
Strict mode is a bastard. With strict mode, you have to scan alarms, or else it'll just go in a loop until you restart your phone.
please only choose strict mode if you are certain about how the program works.

*The bar code scanning doesn't work!!!
Hmm. make sure the image is coming out clearly. If your room is pitch dark, the camera won't be able to scan the barcode

*Suggestions, Do this, change that, make it cooler, better
Send me a mail, also tell your friends about this program. The more users I see using it, the more inspired I am to make changes :)
ameil is havchr , also no autobot steal the spam for this :)